Solo show at gallery RAVOT SF. March – April, extended to May 2018.
A collection of photographs exploring modern drag in San Francisco.

Gooch is fast to point out that ‘drag’ means a lot of things in San Francisco. There’s the dramatic and the grotesque, there’s the funny and the very weird. Women perform drag, gender non-conforming people perform drag. It’s a big tent. “Everybody was invited and included to be on the stage,” he says.

– Ryan Kost, San Francisco Chronicle


I feel honored to be part of this collection. Gooch’s almost relentless documentation of the drag and nightlife scenes has elevated drag in San Francisco.
– D’Arcy Drollinger

The show features a fascinating collection of images that underscore the talents of the drag community. Many familiar names from the Bay Area are included, such as Heklina, who’s dressed in a short skirt while she stands in what appears to be a jail cell, her mouth open as if screaming. Next to Heklina hangs the elegant Honey Mahogany. D’Arcy Drollinger and Sue Casa are seen sprawled across a flight of stairs as if falling down.

– David-Elijah Nahmod, Bay Area Reporter

FALLING DOWN: Drag Renaissance Collection

36 pictures neatly aligned on the gallery wall tell the tale of The Monster Show, the longest running drag show in the Castro, founded and hosted by the late Cookie Dough. The images’ uniformity stands in contrast to the rest of the works in Smoke + Mirrors, inviting you to discover an entirely different collection…

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The Salon Wall

He has since found residencies at bars and performance spaces across the city, and the images he creates therein are nothing short of mesmerizing.
– Michelle Robertson, SFGATE

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